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Utah Epoxy Coatings: We Know Concrete Coating

Who We Are

Utah Epoxy Coatings, operating under Summit Coatings, is your locally owned and operated concrete coating company.

We have been in the epoxy coating industry for over 20 years, and we back our experience with the highest-quality epoxy floors that are still withstanding the test of time in our customers’ homes and businesses.

We provide flooring solutions for indoor and outdoor floorings in Utah and are always ready to cater to all your requests. It doesn’t matter if the project site is residential, commercial, or industrial: we can handle it.

To maintain the high-quality of service that we provide, we see to it that we use the latest tools and stick to best practices.

We also work closely with clients from start to finish. You’ll be involved in the planning stages and updated with the progress of the project. You can also rest assured that we’ll meet the specifications you want and the deadlines we set, no matter how tight they are.

Our Services

Applying epoxy on your flooring might look easy, but it’s much more complicated than you think. Concrete coatings can become a challenging and tedious task when the site that requires coating exceeds the size of a regular bedroom. A huge coating project needs a team of professionals to ensure that you’ll have the finest looking and most durable epoxy coated flooring.

Our years of experience in providing epoxy coatings on flooring in Utah help us learn and innovate modern epoxy application methods.

Our expertise helps us adjust depending on your needs. Have a look at our services to see what matches with your property. We are happy to let you know about how we can help you!


We do most of our residential epoxy flooring services outdoors and high traffic areas. Epoxy floors can withstand the extreme Utah weather that hurts concrete and constant heavy foot traffic.

You’ll benefit from our services if you’re a residential property owner. We mainly apply epoxy coating on the following locations in your property:

  • Garage Floors: get the best epoxy garage floor finish in Utah by contacting us today. A professionally applied epoxy garage floor is water and oil resistant. Protect your garage from oil spill stains and tool drop cracks by availing of our professional epoxy coating service.
  • Decks: don’t leave your deck exposed to the sun or moisture. An epoxy coating can protect the concrete’s brittle layer and restore the natural look of wood. Fortify and protect your deck by availing of our epoxy services.
  • Patios: bare concrete patios hardly withstand winters in Utah that dive down to less than 40°F. Outdoor spaces require inexpensive and easy to maintain coating that can withstand harsh weather conditions. No other material than professionally applied epoxy offers this benefit.

Commercial And Industrial

Epoxy flooring services for commercial purposes require both improved aesthetics and durability. Another thing that commercial properties need is resistance to elements. That is why Utah Epoxy Coatings provides epoxy flooring services for commercial properties.

Here we discuss the common areas we typically work on. You’ll surely benefit from our epoxy flooring expertise if you want us to cover similar locations:

  • Shop Floors: epoxy is the primary go-to material for shop floors anywhere in the world. It protects the concrete substrate from oil and chemical spills. Consider covering your floor with epoxy, especially if your shop floor deals with various harmful products.
  • Hangars: your aircraft needs a place to rest between flights, including having comfortable and safe flooring. An epoxy flooring provides flexibility in appearance, promoting safety and visibility in hangars.
  • Showrooms: do you want to incorporate a sense of sophistication and style for your flooring? Complement the product displays by applying professional epoxy flooring! It’s tough to find a floor solution that matches professional epoxy flooring’s quality.

Why Choose Us

You can reap the benefits of epoxy coatings by utilizing our professional services no matter what kind of property you have. We understand how you desire the best flooring and protection available.

That’s why we strive to constantly modernize our methods and tools, and make sure that each and everyone in our team are highly trained specialists that aim to only deliver the best-in-class work when it comes to epoxy coated floors in Utah. Let’s explain how you’ll benefit from letting Utah Epoxy Coatings apply the professional coating for your floors.

Exceptional Floor Assessment And Treatment

We don’t apply epoxy immediately on a bare concrete floor as professionals. We examine different considerations that can affect the quality of the applied epoxy. We perform a thorough analysis before starting to work so as a best practice. Every step is crucial to ensure that epoxy will adhere to your concrete flooring. Here is an overview of what we do to analyze and treat your floor:

  • Floor area coverage measurement
  • Concrete floor porosity testing
  • Moisture content analysis
  • Ambient temperature consideration
  • Appropriate epoxy type selection
  • Professional equipment preparation
  • Surface cleaning and scrubbing
  • Concrete etching and scrubbing
  • Floor imperfection filling application

Error Forecasting And Prevention

A professional epoxy contractor ensures that your floor improvement follows every step to provide expected results. Every process mentioned above can prevent costly mistakes. But reaching out to professionals like us will save you from a ton of headaches and frustration.

We can assure you that our professionals have adequate tools, training, and experience. Our team members can correctly perform every process. Rest assured that you’ll get the best value for your investment when we provide epoxy floors for you.

Complete Arsenal Of Professional Tools And Expertise

We perform epoxy mixing applications with industry grade materials and equipment. We don’t rely on ready to apply kits available in your local hardware. We partner with professional epoxy manufacturers, ensuring that you get the best epoxy service for your flooring.

To give you an idea, here is an overview of how we apply epoxy after we treat the floor:

  • Resin mixing with the correct ratio
  • Coating area preparation
  • Primer application
  • Basecoat application
  • Layer and topcoat application
  • Finishing touches

Epoxy Coatings Near You

We provide services to several areas around Utah. Most of our clients reside in these places:

  • Davis county
  • Salt lake county
  • Utah county

We are near you if you’re within or near these places we mentioned. If you need epoxy flooring services for your property, you only need to call Utah Epoxy Coatings Company!

Why Do You Need Epoxy Flooring In Utah

You can benefit from epoxy flooring, no matter where you work or live in Utah. We serve a variety of properties, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial. You might be currently encountering some problems with your flooring. But we believe that an epoxy coating can solve them all.

Covering the concrete surface in your facility with epoxy will provide you the following benefits:

Long-lasting Durability And Resistance

We understand your contentment with your concrete and metal flooring. But have you noticed the wear and tear because of heavy human and equipment traffic? Leaving them vulnerable amplifies the degradation of these surfaces.

An excellent way to prolong their lifespan is by covering them with an industrial-grade epoxy layer. You can achieve it by availing of our professional epoxy application services. The nature of this material has surface flexibility that absorbs impact. But it also has durable physical properties that resist frequent chemical and liquid spills. You can expect your epoxy flooring to last for a couple of decades.

Cost-Effective And Easy Maintenance

You might be tired of sweeping dust and debris on your bare concrete surfaces. Another nightmare is cleaning up liquid spills. The porosity of bare concrete makes these spills stay for years in the form of unremovable stains. Industrial locations can’t avoid frequent exposure to chemicals. You can avoid experiencing this series of concrete related problems when you have epoxy flooring.

An epoxy flooring is your optimum choice for any place where spills are imminent. A simple mop or wipe can clean liquid or chemical spills on an epoxy flooring. Garages, warehouses, shop floors, or even aircraft hangars will benefit from an epoxy layer above a concrete flooring.

Applications With Special Demands

Other types of flooring materials can’t replicate the benefits of epoxy for special applications. The notable reason is that epoxy can include additional materials to its mixture. The following are examples of special flooring applications where epoxy can offer solutions:

  • Slip-resistant floors
  • Chemical resistant floor coating
  • Anti-static (ESD) floors for semiconductor-related industries
  • Transparent and luminescent floors
  • High visibility floorings
  • Aesthetic demanding floorings

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Utah Epoxy Coatings can complete projects within a few days to help you enjoy impressive solid surfaces in no time. Avoid wasting your time and resources by using unproven kits and inexperienced technicians. Contact us today, and avoid breaking the bank getting the fantastic results from epoxy floorings!