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Medici® Polyurea Concrete Coating Colors

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Medici® Polyurea Color Coating System

A Concrete Coating that is as Beautiful as it is Strong

medici concrete coatings layers
Medici Concrete Coating Layers
medici concrete coatings example 855x855
Example of a Medici Concrete Coating

The Medici® Polyurea Color Coating System by Garage Force creates a range of decorative finishes that are designed to last much longer than any other acrylic or acid stain system available. Our two-layer system starts with a tinted primer or basecoat and is followed by a layer of the Medici® decorative floor coating, available in a variety of stunning colors. The final step is the application of a clear polyaspartic topcoat to seal in the finish for ultimate durability.

Key Benefits of the Medici Polyurea Color Coating System

  • 20x Stronger than Epoxy
  • High-Quality Finish Without Waxing
  • Ultimate UV stability — No Yellowing or Fading
  • Resistant to Salt, Oil, Gas, and Grease

Our concrete coating system offers more than just a beautiful surface. It’s 20 times stronger than traditional epoxy coatings and is resistant to salt, oil, gas, and grease. It’s UV stable, so you won’t have to worry about yellowing or fading, and the high-quality finish lasts without waxing or re-coating.

The Medici® Polyurea Color Coating System is ideal for finishing concrete floors in your home, studio, showroom, lobbies, patios, commercial retail store or office building. It’s easy to maintain and can withstand heavy traffic and weight without chipping, fading, or becoming dull.

Contact us today for a free price quote and to schedule your installation. Let us show you how the Medici® Polyurea Color Coating System can transform your concrete surfaces into a work of art.