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Metallic Epoxy Concrete Coating Colors

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Pearlescent Metallic Coating System

metallic epoxy concrete coatings layers
Metallic Concrete Coating Layers
metallic epoxy concrete coatings
Example of Metallic Epoxy Coating

Transform your floors with a Pearlescent Metallic Coating System, a luxurious and tough solution for any surface. This high-end flooring system utilizes metallic powder tints to create a flowing and eye-catching metallic appearance.

Step 1: PolyCuramine™ Clear Base Coat

The foundation of this coating system is the PolyCuramine clear base coat, which is odor-free, flexible, and highly resistant to chemicals and wear.

Step 2: Pearl-Like Finish with Metallic Tints

Next, the metallic tints are added to create a beautiful, pearlescent finish.

Step 3 (Optional): High-Gloss Top Coat

For extra durability and shine, an optional top-coat provides a clear, high-gloss finish.

Benefits of the Metallic Epoxy Concrete Coating

  • High-Quality Finish Without Waxing
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Suitable for Concrete, Wood, and Tile

Transform your space with a Metallic Coating System and enjoy a one-of-a-kind, high-quality finish. Contact us for a free price quote and to schedule your installation today.

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