Our Most Popular Epoxy Applications in West Valley City, UT

A floor coated with epoxy is easy to sweep, mop, vacuum, and buff. It is a great convenience for homeowners and business owners of commercial or industrial buildings. Our West Valley City team can coat epoxy on almost any floor types, and the most common floorings we deal with are the following:

Garage Floor Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

People love working on their weekend DIY projects in their garage. Unfortunately, the garage is one of the most common sites for household accidents. Reduce the probability of an accident like slips and falls by coating your garage floor with non slip epoxy.

Deck Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

Make your weekend barbecue better than ever by making your deck steal everyone’s attention. How can you make that happen, you ask? Easy. Just let us apply a nicely done textured and stylized epoxy coating on your deck!

Patio Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

Your patio floor and deck are exposed to water and ultraviolet rays. After a year or two, you will quickly notice how weathered your floor will be. Do not wait for it to happen. Protect it by letting us coat it with epoxy.

Shop Floor Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

With the numerous chemicals and heavy equipment that are all over your shop, the chances of your floor getting ruined by any of them are high. Give your shop floor a protective coating of epoxy.

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

Your employees put themselves at risk whenever they work in your warehouse. Reduce the risk they face by making your warehouse floor safer to walk on to. To do that, let us coat it with a healthy amount of epoxy.

Hangar Floor Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

You need military-grade epoxy on your hangar floor to prevent any floor damage brought by heavy equipment and corrosive chemicals. Call us, and we can coat your hangar floor today!

Showroom Floor Epoxy Service in West Valley City, UT

Keep your showroom clean and sparkling by having one of our team apply epoxy on your showroom floor! We will do it quick and easy, but you can expect great results.