Our Most Popular Epoxy Applications in South Jordan, UT

Epoxy floor coating is an affordable way to improve your floor in durability, appearance, and maintainability. Our team of epoxy technicians in South Jordan offer epoxy coating for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Below is a list of our specialized services:

Garage Floor Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

Your garage floor deserves to get coated with epoxy. After all, an epoxy coated floor is just plain good to look at. We recommend having quartz flakes in your epoxy flooring to make your floor slip-resistant and more durable, making your garage match the allure of your car

Deck Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

Prepping your deck and pouring mixed epoxy on it are tedious processes you definitely would not want to do. Because of that, it is best that you rely on our team of epoxy experts to do the epoxy coating for you.

Patio Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

Your patio floor is helplessly getting toasted by the sun every single day, and it will give out sooner or later. If your patio floor is already damaged or shows signs of degradation, you can contact us to help repair it and protect the remaining undamaged parts with epoxy.

Shop Floor Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

It’s not uncommon for harsh chemicals to get spilled on your shop floor. Do not wait for it to happen and see how badly those chemicals can stain your floor. Contact us, and we will ensure that your floor can withstand those chemicals using epoxy.

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

Aside from giving your employees a much safer floor to walk on, epoxy coated floors are also fire resistant. It can help minimize the spread and damage a fire can cause, which further improves your warehouse’s safety. And it is definitely a must if you store highly flammable and explosive products.

Hangar Floor Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

Epoxy can increase the visibility of white and light gray floors. This allows your employees to spot items lying on the floor or wet surfaces that can instantly become hazardous. You would want to wait for an accident to happen first before calling us.

Showroom Floor Epoxy Service in South Jordan, UT

Epoxy can make any showroom floor appear luxurious. If you think you need to spend a fortune to have it done, you are—respectfully—dead wrong. Call us now, and let us about how you can get a dazzling epoxy floor for the showroom and how much money you can save with our service.