Our Most Popular Epoxy Applications in North Salt Lake, UT

It can be fun to pour epoxy resin on your floor by yourself. However, if you need to cover an area that is as huge or larger than your garage floor, you will need professional help. We are the best epoxy floor team in North Salt Lake, and we are the professionals you need when it comes to massive residential, commercial, and industrial epoxy projects.

Garage Floor Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

Epoxy creates a protective barrier that prevents any liquid or heavy object from damaging your floor. By letting us apply epoxy on your garage floor, you can spend your time tinkering in your garage without worrying that you will damage the floor if you accidentally spill or drop anything.

Deck Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

When a wooden deck is damaged, it often leads to replacement. Unlike any flooring in your home, your deck is exposed to the elements that result in it getting damaged quickly. Let us treat your wooden deck with epoxy to avoid any unneeded and expensive replacements.

Patio Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

Using high-quality materials is not enough to make your patio flooring look great. You should also coat it with epoxy to make it last a lifetime. You would not want it to rot away in a year or two because you left it unprotected against the elements.

Shop Floor Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

Your shop is always busy and hectic. Because of that, it makes you forget that your floor is already greasy and dirty. If you cannot clean and maintain it regularly, it will be best for you to prevent it from getting greasy and dirty in the first place. To do that, let us apply a coat of epoxy to your shop floor.

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

It is faster and safer to walk on a non-slip epoxy coated warehouse floor compared to buffed concrete. Keep your employees productive and safe by letting us apply epoxy resin on your concrete warehouse floor.

Hangar Floor Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

The weight of the tools, machines, and aircraft in your hangar will damage your floor one day and cause an accident. Ensure that scenario will not happen by letting us apply military-grade epoxy on your hangar floor.

Showroom Floor Epoxy Service in North Salt Lake, UT

You should never let your showroom have a bare floor since it can imply that you do not care about your business and products. Don’t give a negative impression. Contact us, and we will apply stylized and textured epoxy on your showroom floor and ensure that your floor alone can impress your visitors.