Our Most Popular Epoxy Applications in Midvale, UT

You can count on us when it comes to coating your floors with high-grade epoxy. After all, we have the best team of epoxy experts in Midvale, and we will never let you down. You can reach us if you want to have any of the following services.

Garage Floor Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

Protect your precious garage floor by asking us to coat it with epoxy. It will act as a protective barrier against moisture and water, which will prevent mold and mildew growth in your garage. It can also withstand transmission fluid, gasoline, oil, and even bleach.

Deck Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

You can coat your deck with epoxy by yourself. However, we recommend that you let us do the job to guarantee that our application will last for decades without cracking or peeling.

Patio Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

Instead of paying for an expensive finish, we can provide your patio flooring with a much more affordable and durable epoxy coating. We assure you that your patio floor will look great after we are done with it.

Shop Floor Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

With an epoxy coating, you can rest easy that your employees and machines cannot leave scratches and scrapes on your floor. It can also withstand most of the chemicals you use in the shop, so epoxy is an excellent long term solution if you frequently need to perform deep cleaning of your shop’s floor to get rid of stains.

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

If light reflectivity is why you are hesitating to have an epoxy warehouse floor, we can leave your warehouse floor with a matte finish. After all, epoxy floors do not need to be shiny. However, we recommend a glossy finish to let light easily flood your warehouse, which will reduce your energy consumption in the long run.

Hangar Floor Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

Floor areas of hangars can be as small as 3,000 sq. ft. or can be as massive as 300,000 sq. ft. Just imagine how much time your people need to spend to maintain and clean your hangar floor. To make floor cleaning and maintenance less of a burden, we highly suggest that you have us coat your hangar floor with epoxy.

Showroom Floor Epoxy Service in Midvale, UT

With epoxy, you are not limited to a flat white or gray colored showroom floor. We can apply epoxy on top of almost every flooring material and ensure you that your floor’s appearance will only get better looking!