Our Most Popular Epoxy Applications in Holladay, UT

We are the best epoxy flooring company in Holladay, and we can apply epoxy on almost every flooring there is! We primarily focus on the following services:

Garage Floor Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

With an epoxy coated garage floor, you will have more freedom on working on your DIY projects. You will not need to be afraid of spills as you can easily wipe any liquid off an epoxy coated floor. Of course, you still need to be careful with thinners and solvents!

Deck Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

Concrete decks can last a long time, but it does not mean that they are invincible. If you want your deck to last a lifetime, be sure to let us apply a coat of epoxy to it.

Patio Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

We are sure that you love your patio floor, and you were pleased when the contractors were done with it. Preserve and enhance its beauty by protecting it with an epoxy finish!

Shop Floor Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

Protect your shop’s floor from nasty stains and splotches by hiring us to work on its epoxy finish. We will make sure that we will cover every nook and cranny with an even layer of epoxy, which will leave your floor with a polished look.

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

With an immense amount of foot traffic, any flooring material will wear down fast. Your concrete warehouse floor is not an exception. To extend the life of your warehouse floor, we recommend that you let us add a nice layer of durable epoxy on top of it.

Hangar Floor Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

Cleaning and buffing your concrete hangar floor takes a lot of time. To make it easy for you to keep your hangar floor clean and shiny, you should consider letting professionals give it a dab of military-grade epoxy.

Showroom Floor Epoxy Service in Holladay, UT

Amplify your showroom’s aesthetics by having epoxy coated flooring. It is the ideal finish for your showroom, and you will surely appreciate the other benefits epoxy can offer, such as slip-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and spill-resistance.