Our Most Popular Epoxy Applications in Herriman, UT

Epoxy is an excellent floor finish that can extend the life of your flooring material. Our epoxy specialists in Herriman City can apply it for you.

Garage Floor Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

Garage floors are prone to stains and dirt accumulation. It can be a pain to clean it most of the time. To make it easier to maintain, you should let us apply a generous coating of epoxy to it.

Deck Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

Your decking is exposed 24/7 to the sun and the elements. Because of that, it is only a matter of time before it cracks and gets discolored. Thankfully, you can also apply epoxy to it and slow down its degradation.

Patio Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

Your awning is not enough to protect your patio flooring against sunlight, rain, and snow. Preserve your patio floor’s beauty by letting us work our epoxy magic on it. The epoxy finish will also make your patio floor looking brand new in addition to the added layer of protection.

Shop Floor Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

Save yourself and your employees from the tedious and nonstop cleaning of your shop’s floor. We can provide you a quick and affordable way to make your floor spill-resistant, and that is to apply epoxy on your floor.

Warehouse Floor Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

A crack on your concrete floor can pose a threat to your warehouse personnel and equipment. Allow us to finish your warehouse flooring with epoxy to make your workspace safer and better looking.

Hangar Floor Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

Hangar floors require the professional application of high-performance epoxy and urethane topcoat. Contact us now to get a quote.

Showroom Floor Epoxy Service in Herriman, UT

An epoxy coated floor is a must for a showroom. Aside from protecting the floor from the damage a vehicle’s weight can cause, epoxy can make your floor look shiny and fabulous.